A bill being filed on Beacon Hill could make make it a hate crime to target police officers.

The bill has been filed by Brockton Rep. Michelle Dubois and Fall River Rep. Alan Silvia.

Silvia tells WBSM News the bill is a measure to ensure that incidents like the attacks on police officers in Dallas won't happen here.

"What took place in Dallas is something that we feel will take place in other parts of the country, and we hope that doesn't happen here," said Silvia "we want to make sure that our police officers are protected and we want to send that clear message to folks that we can't tolerate that."

The hate crimes provision would apply whether officers are on-duty or off-duty with Silvia saying that an officer doesn't need to be in uniform to be a target.

"In a community many people know that that person is a police officer," said Silvia "so even though he takes his uniform off he could still be singled out as a law enforcement officer."

Silvia says that given the current schedule in the legislature it is unlikely that the bill will be voted on before the current session ends.