Massachusetts residents already face more than $27 billion in bonded debt, yet the legislature is itching to borrow a minimum of $1 billion more to finance climate change programs–even if it means waiving the cap on how much they are allowed to borrow annually under the law. Governor Charlie Baker is onboard but he would prefer to finance the climate change programs through new taxes on real estate transactions.


Taxpayers have had enough of this madness. These clowns cannot manage what is already on their plate and they want to take on climate change too?

The primary role of the Massachusetts Legislature is to balance the books and make sure a budget is in place on time. We still don't have a budget 10 days into the new fiscal year, yet we are holding hearings on how to raise new revenue to combat climate change.

Meanwhile, we have a transit system that doesn’t work, massive holes in our roads from Provincetown to Pittsfield, fire stations that close on a rotating basis due to lack of adequate funding and our urban school districts are vastly underfunded. We manage to find $2 billion annually for benefits for illegal aliens, though.

This is insanity. How can these hacks get away with this stuff? Oh yeah, most never face serious opposition at the polls, and even when they do, the brain dead electorate returns them to Beacon Hill anyway.

The political leadership in Massachusetts is, at best, inept. We do not elect a legislature to deal with climate change. Do your job! Balance the budget. Fill the potholes. Fund education. And leave climate change to a higher authority.

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