Last Friday, math teacher at Bangor High School in Maine, Catherine Gordon, was told by the school’s principal to remove her pink Hello Kitty themed Christmas tree because it was deemed as “inappropriate.”

However, that has all now changed and Gordon will be allowed to keep the tree in her classroom after all!

Gordon stated to ABC News that she did not think that a pink Hello Kitty tree was offensive. With no stars and no angels, the tree has been up Gordon’s classroom for 30 years.

In a statement, Bangor High’s principal, Paul Butler, told ABC News that "a concern was shared with me regarding an inconsistency with our balanced approach to holiday observances."

He offered to meet with Gordon in person to discuss the situation.

Gordon stated that her tree does not have any religious symbols at all and that it is pink and only features Hello Kitty.

While this conversation did not ultimately did not take place, Butler “did review various reasoned perspectives on the topic that have satisfied an important professional responsibility: to ensure that the sharing of any one tradition ultimately highlights the universal nature of holiday celebration.”

Butler then added that the pink tree was "therefore appropriate for the school setting."

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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