The head of Acushnet's Park Commission, Chad Leclair, admits that he's seen it all, and this one is a head-scratcher.

It appears that someone was doing their best Felicio Franco imitation the other night at Pope Park in Acushnet. For some inexplicable reason, someone decided to give a  clandestine haircut to someone else. That part is only mildly unusual. The really strange part is the particulars of where this haircut took place:

In one of the dugouts at Knox Field.

"Some kids decided to give a kid a haircut and left it in the dugout," said Leclair.  "There are electrical outlets in the dugouts, so they must have brought hair clippers and decided that's where they wanted to shave off the hair."

I tried to play this scene out in my head. This all went down Sunday night into Monday morning. If I wanted a haircut, why would I get on my bike and ride down to the baseball fields to do it on a dugout bench? It makes no sense.

Chad Leclair thought maybe the mystery participants were trying to hide the haircut from somebody.

"I'm just hoping the haircut wasn't done against somebody's free will," said Leclair, "but I haven't heard anything."

Judging from the sheer volume of hair that was left behind on the dugout floor, even if you were successful at hiding the actual action of the haircut, it would be pretty noticeable to any parent once you got back home and walked through the door.

Leclair posted the picture on Facebook wondering if anyone entered the weekend with long, dark hair but now has short hair.

"Apparently the dugouts at Pope Park now double as a hair salon," Leclair laughed.

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