I first saw Bill Harley when I was in elementary school in Plymouth, MA. He played a couple of times during my time at West Elementary, and his songs spoke to eight-year-old me more than anything I'd ever heard. Songs like "Monsters in the Bathroom," "50 Ways to Fool Your Mother" and "The Billboard Song" were in heavy rotation in my brain all throughout my childhood, and still pop in there even today.

I still wear black socks for days at a time, because I firmly believe they never get dirty and the longer you wear them, the stronger they get. And once I turned 35, I contemplated taking baths in Lipton Tea.

But Bill is now not only a singer and a storyteller, he's also an author.

Courtesy of BillHarley.com
Courtesy of BillHarley.com

He's still performing for children, families (and sometimes just for adults), and has two Grammy awards to his credit.

I was thrilled to welcome Bill to the Saturday morning program in advance of his performances as part of the New Bedford Folk Festival.

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