There's no doubt about it. Straight Shooters Family Billiards has been a staple in Fall River for over 30 years.

The recent sale of the mill off I-195 means Straight Shooters (among other businesses such as Lazer Gate and Trader Jans) was forced to close and search for a new location.

Courteous Joey Arruda
Courteous Joey Arruda

I'm here today with great news.

The popular billiards business has found a new home without having to leave the city.

Joey Arruda, general manager of the family business, has been involved for the past six years helping to run the place and organize tournaments.

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"I started right out of high school back in 2016," Arruda said. "I took more control of things once we reopened after being closed down from March 17, 2020, to Sept. 21, 2020. We had lost most of our employees due to Covid and when we reopened, I was working seven days a week bringing in more help since our last shutdown. We're currently running at total capacity better than ever."

Once Straight Shooters was given notice that it needed to be out of the mill by Oct. 16, the business began frantically searching for a new location.

Courteous Joey Arruda
Courteous Joey Arruda

"We had a building on Pleasant Street to look at back in February but they refunded our contract and the money we put down, bringing us back to square one," Arruda said. "We ended up getting in touch with Michelle Pelletier of Jefferson Realty who owns a couple of mills in the city and we ended up settling at the Crescent Mill on Front Street."

Arruda and his team were able to move everything out of the Plymouth Avenue location just in time thanks to the help of many volunteers,  a handful of regulars from over the years, and D&L Billiards out of Warwick, Rhode Island.

"It took multiple days, different crews, and a lot of support from the city to relocate 21 9-foot tables," Arruda said. "It's going to be a whole new experience for us, Our family's been in that building since 1991, and we're hoping to bring over that same nostalgic feel. The future of Straight Shooters is bright, that's for sure."

The Front Street location will have two floors with bathrooms, pool tables and bars on each as well as air-conditioning. The inside will be completely remodeled and the company hopes to be back up and running soon.

No word on a set grand opening date, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we do.

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