The New England Patriots seem poised to make a deep run at a so far elusive fourth world championship this season. Just like every team, though, they do have a couple of question marks that could potentially spell trouble if they aren't figured out quickly.

The first question is who will line up between left tackle Nate Solder and center Ryan Wendell to fill the hole at left guard that was created with the trade of team leader Logan Mankins. As of now it appears that that role will be filled by second-year player Josh Kline who was slated to be the primary backup at both guard positions this season.

Since those initial reports, another report from the Boston Globe's Ben Volin has circulated. This new report focuses on the Patriots potentially moving star right tackle Sebastian Vollmer over to the left guard spot. A move like that would allow fourth-year offensive tackle Marcus Cannon to step in and fill the void at right tackle. While this move has not fully been substantiated by the team it has garnered a great deal of attention from the press. Many people have agreed with the move as well, citing that having cannon start would allow the patriots to play their best five overall linemen.

The second big question that doesn't have a solid answer as of yet, is who will be snapping the ball whenever the Patriots have to kick a field goal, extra point or punt this season. This question comes thanks to the surprising release of veteran long snapper Danny Aiken on Saturday, as part of the cut to 53.

Now, technically the Pats do not have a dedicated long snapper on their roster. In fact, their long snapper for this Sunday's match up with the Miami Dolphins, as of now, is starting defensive end Rob Ninkovich who held those duties in college.

The Pats did make an interesting move, however, by signing former Dallas Cowboys long snapper Charley Hughlett to their practice squad. A move like that leads me to believe they might make a corresponding move to sign him to the active roster before Sunday. The only thing is who would they cut to add Hughlett? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

So, those are the big question marks surrounding the Pats as the season starts. Hopefully they figure everything out quickly and put together a normal Patriots season that everyone is expecting them to produce.

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