The 2013 Grammy Awards are now a memory, and a good night for some un-likely winners, I say that but band's like Mumford and Sons and The Black Keys are extremely talented!  What's great about the Grammy's is that they don't only choose on popularity.  Another winner that I was surprised was Kelly Clarkson, I'm not taking anything away from her but to be up against the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and other huge artists is a huge win for her, props to Kelly.  All in all the Grammy's fell flat for me, the performances were just average, some were good like the tribute to Levon Helm and The Band and the Bob Marley tribute was pretty good.  For me the jury is still out on Justin Timberlake going down the Mowtown road, not sure if it works.  If I had to grade this years Grammy's I would have to give it a C+ to B-, it just didn't have that punch as in years past.