In case you haven't heard it yet, David Grisham, an attention addicted and self designated "Pastor" has been basically horrifying families in the malls of Texas. He's been showing up and accosting families, screaming at little children in line to see Santa Claus, telling them that he isn't real. "He doesn't exist and your parents are lying to you", he says to the once smiling, beautifully dressed boys and girls. He lectures to the parents in line with them that they should be instead focusing on Jesus Christ instead of "offending God".

Now, I'm convinced that Grisham is, like the Westboro Baptist Church leadership, a mentally ill person. Pastor "Grincham", as I call him, couldn't be further from the truth.

If one considers themselves to be a Christian, they are proclaiming to be part of the body of Christ. Since I am one of these, I will refer to the group as "we" from this point on. We choose to strongly believe in a number of things.

We Christians believe that the Word of God is part of God. It's the first thing said in Genesis. We believe that the Word is the Son of God. That he came down from heaven and reclaimed seized territory from the enemy here. We believe that we must be sorrowful for our sins because we know that God's laws and ways are perfect and we must work to make amends if possible. We believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, born in Bethlehem to Mary, a descendant of King David through Nathan. Through his suffering and sacrifice on the cross, our sins are forgiven if we are truly sorry for offending God. We believe his blood has paid for our sins so that we too can enter heaven and live forever.

We also believe, that as a follower of Christ, we will do his work in his stead while on earth, within the capacity of which we can. If we are part of the body of Christ, we continue his works as he is now gone and ascended into Heaven. Sure miracles happen but we're part of it too.

While The Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches recognize many saints and martyrs in the church's history, one of the great Christian Saints of the early church is now synonymous with Christmas. He was from an area once known as Patara a coastal region in the eastern Mediterranean in what is today called Turkey.

saint nickolaos

Born sometime around 270 AD, Nikolaos of Myra, was born into a wealthy Christian family but was unfortunately orphaned as a very young man. He was left with immense wealth. He then lived with his beloved uncle, a Bishop in the church of the fledgling religion of Christianity in Myra. Nikolaos was well known for his generosity and compassion. He was especially known for helping the poor with his secret gift giving practice. He ended up happily giving away all of his riches to the poor in his area. His good heart and compassion for the poor impressed his uncle. After a Pilgrimage to Egypt and Israel, he returned and replaced his aging uncle as the Bishop.

Soon into his role as a church leader, Nikolaos was arrested and imprisoned by Pagan Romans and treated harshly during the persecution of the Diocletian for his Christian evangelism. He was later released when Emperor Constantine the Christian, conquered the Pagan Romans and Nikolaos again baptised, taught the Gospels and evangelised. According to church tradition, He died in 343 AD. Many miracles have been attributed to St. Nikolaos of Myra.

Nikolaos' existence is not in question. He is historically accounted for in church records, even documented as being present at the 1st Council of Nicaea.


Through the centuries, debating Christian scholars would eventually settle on a date and later celebrate Christmas as a holy day or as we now call it, a "holiday". A day recognized as the one in which the divine savior of humanity, Jesus Christ, was born into the world. As the holiday progressed over time, the tradition of gift giving like St Nikolaos, St. NicholasSinterklaas or as he is called in English today, "Santa Claus" escalated in Europe and the traditional practice is alive and well today, carried out worldwide by those who believe in sharing their wealth and offering examples of love, goodwill through gift giving.

What better practice is there on Christmas? The three Kings of the east from the Gospel of Matthew, gave Jesus's family gifts upon his birth and God almighty himself gave the world our greatest gift on Christmas. Where is the crime "pastor"?

3 kings

Someone explain to me how the idea that we emulate the example of a great recognized Christian saint for our children's first introduction to the truth that good behavior will be rewarded, somehow steals from the glory of God. Also, how is exercising generosity on the same night we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus, somehow offensive to God?

So yes, "Pastor" Grisham, Santa Claus is real. Maybe our little ones don't understand the facts fully but so what? He is real to many millions of Christian children and to others as well and he is absolutely real in history and today through the loving actions of hundreds of millions of adults, the spirit of Saint Nikolaos is alive and well... something you sir might wish to consider as you wake up to a lump of coal on December 25th.

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