Snow and lots of it!  Now what to do?  You know you are going to be stuck inside for a while with the Blizzard of 2013 heading our way, so what to do while you are waiting for the storm to end?  Here are a few suggestions I have. You could plant your backside on the couch all day and watch the never ending coverage of the storm on TV.   You could also plant your butt on the couch and catch up on those movies you have been wanting to watch!  The Hunger Games is now On-Demand, that's a good one to watch. Another movie that is good family fun is The Adventures of Tin Tin, if you haven't heard about this movie, it is great fun and has excellent characters, it is animated and takes you on and amazing journey.  If watching TV non-stop isn't your cup of tea there is plenty of other things you can do, there's always cleaning the house, after all your stuck inside might as well clean the closets you've been wanting to do or finally put those Christmas decorations back where they belong.  You could organize your sock drawer, although who does that?  Let's see, you could do some maintenance around the house, fix the leaky faucet or paint the den, I'm sure the list is endless.  Other ideas, why not cook?  Cooking is great fun, especially if you have kids, they love to help in the kitchen!  Log on to and check out Chef Bob Dillon's recipe's for Kitchen Bites, he has some fun easy and delicious recipe's that the whole family will love!  He even get's his kids to help, plus you will need to have a full belly when it comes time to shovel all of that snow!  While waiting for the storm to end you could do your taxes, now there's a good time!  Or you could do what most of us will, catch up on sleep, what a great excuse to nap, you can't go out you are stuck, so snooze away.  Whatever you do during the storm please be safe and enjoy your family time!  If you have any other suggestions on what to do during the storm please put them in the comment box below!  Happy shoveling!