I was having a casual chat with my granddaughter, Aleksis, about her classes, when she paused and asked if I could mention something special on - air. She said that an announcement came over the speakers at Fairhaven High asking everyone going to this Friday evening's Fairhaven/Durfee football game at home at 7 pm to please wear something YELLOW. This isn't for anyone on Fairhaven's team. Instead, it's to help lift the spirits of a Durfee High cheerleader who is battling an aggressive cancer.

I assured Aleksis that I'd take care of notifying the community about this appeal. After I dropped her off, I felt a sense of pride that the front office at the school would put out this call. I also put myself in the shoes of this young girl's father and thought how inspiring it would be to go to a rival's gridiron marked with regularly spaced parallel lines, and look up to see the opposing team's fans wearing something to encourage my ailing daughter. It's moments like this that give deeper meaning to our lives. So, if your planning on going to the game, would you wear something yellow? The real winner in this contest will be the victorious human spirit!

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