The MLB All-Star game has always been a fun experience for both fans and players. Each year a different team holds the festivities. So why does 2013 seem so fishy? 

This year the New York Mets are the host of the All-Star game. While in the past the general public have been able to buy tickets to this event, for some reason this year you have to be a season ticket holder, or at least buy a 15 game ticket plan before you can even buy a ticket to the All-Star game or home run derby.

According to X-Jock, the team does not expect the tickets to go on sale to the general public - ever. They wrote the New York Mets an email, and this was the response they got back:

Thank you for your email. Home Run Derby and All Star Game tickets are currently not on sale and are not expected to go on sale to the general public. The only events that are currently on sale are for All Star Sunday and Fan Fest. The only way to guarantee All Star Game access is with the purchase of a Mets ticket plan or package.

We know what you're thinking - that doesn't seem entirely fair, especially if you aren't a fan of the New York Mets. To us, this seems like a not so clever ploy to get people to invest in the Mets, who are currently in second to last place in the NL East, and 13 games back of first place. Whether it's the Mets themselves or the MLB, this is certainly shady.

Even in the past when the stadium of the host team is filled with fans of that team, other fans are still able to come out and cheer, but not this time. Looks like the best seat the average (not Mets fan) Joe will get is the couch.