Debby Irving's Waking Up White, is an attempt to open up a conversation about race. "She offers a fresh perspective on bias, stereotypes, manners, and tolerance. As she unpacks her own long-held beliefs about colorblindness, being a good person, and wanting to help people of color." There are even quick little exercises at the end of each chapter to engage readers in concepts discussed in the book. It seems like this would be the perfect book to utilize in a college course on racism, culture, and society. Luckily, there is an event to jump start this idea.

“Unpacking Race: An Essential Conversation in Schools and Homes” is a public symposium that will take place at Gordon School in Providence today, and continue at Brown University tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 21. Bringing together academics, historians, authors and filmmakers, as well as parents throughout the region, guests will discuss the hard questions, ie: "What roles do white educators and white adults play in creating equitable school communities?"

With recent events in Ferguson and New York City, there has never been a better time to face this issue head on.