A beauty pageant queen-turned-TikTok star gives us a glimpse into heaven with her funny and heartfelt videos.

Taryn Delanie, the former Miss New York pageant queen, has amassed over one million followers on her TikTok account @Taryntino21 with clever videos of her pretending to be a receptionist in Heaven, managing all of the incoming angels and their requests.

The videos show Delanie wearing a white bathrobe and white towel on her head, using a pink razor near her ear as an unofficial headset that she uses to talk to other staff and make requests.

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As she sits at her desk and types into her computer, Delanie helps newcomers, getting them setup for a life in the afterlife. In some videos, she asks the newly-departed what they want their "ghost outfit" to be and often checks to see if they qualify for an "angel premium plus" upgrade.

In one video, she jokes that despite never missing a week of church, a new visitor was denied the angel premium plus upgrade because they often tormented the barista at the local Starbucks, insinuating that it's your treatment of others that gets you special treatment up in heaven.

The receptionist, while helping regular people with their heavenly needs, often encounters famous people during her job which can really bring the laughs. One of King Henry's wives is looking for him and Delanie asks her which King Henry, telling her she needs to be more specific.

In one skit, Delanie books tickets for Abraham Lincoln to visit earth and watch a play that his descendants are performing in, but she gets him a spot in the front row, jokingly adding they aren't box seats.

Even God Himself is featured in her videos. As she is sorting through the mail and prayer requests, Delanie is singing a rap song and quickly changes it to the hymn of "Amen" as God walks past her in the office, blaming her coworker Miss Stacey for not letting her know the boss was there.

Sometimes, right in the middle of helping a new visitor, Delanie will stop and look around. The new angel, who had only been in heaven for a few minutes, goes back to earth after having been resuscitated and disappears from heaven with another chance at life.

Occasionally, Delanie, or Miss Denise as she is called in her videos, will get a visit from Grim, or the Grim Reaper as we know him. Denise will have to remind him that he should be using the "employee entrance" and that he needs to leave his scythe outside the office. To apologize, he sends her a dead orchid, which she places on a shelf.

She also often gets visits from Tammy, the angel who misbehaves and goes back down to earth to torment towns and children, but is looking for a job in reception so she can make more friends. The clever interactions will have you laughing with each new video.

But Delanie broke tradition recently and dedicated a video to a little girl named Ella, after her mother commented on one of Delanie's videos, asking if Miss Denise had greeted her daughter after she passed away at a young age. Delanie made a tribute video for Ella's mom, showing the heaven receptionist greeting little Ella in heaven, giving her a hug and telling her they had been waiting for her.

The video goes on to show Miss Denise asking the child if she likes to play princess, telling her they have real princesses up in heaven, calling for staff to get Princess Diana to come down and meet Ella. It is a bittersweet video that will surely have you in tears.

The videos, which have had millions of views, give us all an imaginary look into the afterlife, giving us hope and faith that heaven is waiting for us and our loved ones.

Fun fact: according to Christianity Today, 73 percent of Americans believe in heaven.

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