I think I've made my point that macaroni and cheese is still one my favorite foods after all this time. I would probably live off of it for the rest of my life if I could. And for the next two days, I get to enjoy two different styles.

Tonight I am going to have a home style version of this comfort food. Baked, gooey, and topped off with some cracker crumbs. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for dinner tonight.

But I'm equally excited for tomorrow's meal too! Buffalo chicken mac n' cheese is a great spin off this classic dish. We're going to try out a "healthy" version of it that we found off Pinterest, but really...who is paying attention to how "healthy" it is if it's delicious? Not me!

Our listeners gave us a few of their homemade recipes. One caller suggested throwing some broccoli in there for fiber and iron. Another said to add sausage. The funniest one was the "Portuguese Mac & Cheese" made from onion, green pepper, linguiça, mozzarella, chouriço and served with a pop sec! I've tried lobster mac, mac with shrimp, and a southwestern mac with green peppers. Let me tell you, too many delicious ideas to choose from!

(PS - I feel another "Kasey's Kitchen" is in the works)