Keating Gets Two Endorsements
Congressman Bill Keating is getting the support of local public safety workers as he runs for re-election.
The New Bedford Fire and Police unions endorsed the congressman at The Black Whale restaurant on Pier Three Thursday afternoon...
Royal Seinfeld Fans?
Well, congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their child. I'm not a subject of the British Empire, therefore I haven't been particularly interested in what I classify as "celebrity hype".
Who's At Fault For Prank?
Having been in radio for quite a while, I have been part of many prank phone calls, these calls can be fun, but when they go wrong things can get ugly pretty quickly.
Keating Defeats Sutter in 9th Congressional Race
William Keating is one step closer to returning to Capitol Hill in Washington. Sam Sutter is headed back to the District Attorney's office on Purchase Street.
Keating soundly defeated Sutter in the 9th Congressional District Democratic Primary on Thursday...