EBT Pays For Pot?
There are currently no laws on the books in Massachusetts prohibiting the use of an EBT card to purchase marijuana products, medicinal or commercial.
54 percent of Massachusetts residents endorsed an initiative petition last Fall that legalizes the use, possession and even farming of limited amounts …
Immigrant Aid Costly
The Center For Immigration Studies, in a report published in the Washington Examiner says 51 percent of immigrant households in the U.S., legal and illegal, received some sort of welfare benefits in 2012 for a total of 103 billion dollars...
More Fraud
State welfare officials appear to be doing a better job of rooting out possible food stamp fraud.
Questionable Welfare Payments
An audit of the state's welfare agency has identified millions of dollars in questionable payments to people who were dead or otherwise ineligible for benefits, along with missed opportunities to detect potential fraud.

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