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Sunning is now Okay
Let's face it, for decades now, our sun has been demonized. The message from the medical community has been avoid direct exposure and cover up with sunscreen. I remember the anti-sun campaign by the American Cancer Society: "Fry Now. Pay Later...
New Racial Profiling Guidelines To Be Announced
New racial profiling guidelines being announced by the Obama administration would exempt agents from the Homeland Security Department who do border checks and screen passengers at airports.
But the guidelines would also restrict the ability of the FBI and other Justice Department law enforcement agen…
Newspaper Giant Ben Bradlee Remembered
Two of his best-known colleagues at the Washington Post -- Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate fame -- are among those who've paid tribute today to Ben Bradlee at the funeral of the newspaper's longtime executive editor.
Carl Bernstein said Bradlee was unwavering in his support of his young…
New Poll Has Bad News For Incumbents
A new Washington Post-ABC poll has some bad news for incumbents as well as for Democrats ahead of this fall's midterm elections.
Americans are not happy with Washington these days, and the survey found that just 22% are inclined to vote for their current representatives, with nearly 70% saying they'