Buttonwood Zoo Donates Digital Scale for Elephants in Vietnam
The effort to save the nearly-extinct elephant population of Vietnam has been given a big boost from the SouthCoast.
Patrons of the Buttonwood Park Zoo have donated enough money that the zoo was recently able to purchase a digital scale for the Elephant Conservation Center in Dak Lak, Vietnam...
The Best Way To Stop Terrorism
Banning assault weapons. No Fly, no buy. Taking the battle to the terrorists. There are numerous ways offered to fight terrorism. Brian offers the best constitutionally legal method to at least slow the onslaught.
A National Disgrace
As Memorial Day 2016 passes, it joins the other 43 Memorial Days our government has left behind POW's in Vietnam, according to our friend and Friday morning contributor, former U.S. Congressman John LeBoutillier. On Sunday, John was part of a group of distinguished…
Donald DePina To Be Remembered At Vigil
There's a movement underway to make sure the murder of former New Bedford Veterans Agent Donald DePina will not be forgotten.
Childhood friend and community activist John "Buddy" Andrade is planning to honor DePina later this month during a vigil for Homicide Awareness Month...
"60 Minutes" Correspondent Bob Simon Dies In Car Crash
Longtime "60 Minutes" correspondent Bob Simon, who covered riots, Academy Award-nominated movies and wars and was held captive for more than a month in Iraq two decades ago, died in a car crash on Wednesday. He was 73.
A town car in which Simon was a passenger hit another car stopped at a M…

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