UCLA Dad A Deadbeat
President Donald Trump, never afraid to use social media to spark discussion about an issue important to him did just that this weekend by responding to a father who claimed his son's shoplifting arrest in China was no big deal. Last week Trump was able to convince the Chinese to release three UCLA basketball players who thought that clipping sunglasses while visiting China would be fun and easy t
UCLA Murder-Suicide
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is confirming that a murder-suicide has left two people dead on the UCLA campus. Beck says the campus is now safe and that there is no longer a threat. He said there is evidence on the scene that could be a suicide note, but did not confirm reports that one was found on the scene...
UCLA Shooting
Los Angeles - Two people are dead after a shooting on the UCLA campus today.  Police were telling news outlets the people were shot around 10 a.m. today. They are looking for an active shooter or shooters and the campus remains on lockdown...