The Changing News Biz
Cable news is about to change forever.  After the disastrous coverage of the 2016 national campaign we knew this day would come.  I doubt many suspected the change would begin with the unceremonious ouster of the reigning king Bill O'Reilly...
Phil Reads Mean Tweets
WBSM just hit a major milestone with 5,000 Facebook likes. But don't forget that we're on Twitter too! Just take a look at all the nice Tweets people have posted about us lately!
TWEET Revenge
Twitter and other forms of social media are here to stay and will become the way for government officials and the citizenry to communicate for the next eight years and beyond.
The so-called “main stream media” continues to jeer and heckle President-Elect Donald Trump because he has found a way to co…
Thank you Letter to #RepealThe19th Supporters
It is no secret why Trump has failed to appeal to female voters, especially after the audio leaked last week. 538 Politics released this map representing how the election would go if only men voted vs if only women voted.
Some Trump supporters are really upset to see that their Man Crush Monday would…
Local PDs Respond to Dallas
Immediately following Thursday night's attacks in Dallas that have left five police officers dead and seven others wounded, social media was filled with posts about the events that transpired.
Our Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
How annoying is it when you're enjoying a cool ice cream cone on a hot day and the ice cream starts drip-drip-dripping from the bottom of the cone?! That will never happen again thanks to a trick I'll 'treat' you to in a moment! But first, Twitter decided to analyze 30 million tweets mentioning ice …

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