Transgender Repeal Response
BOSTON (AP) - Massachusetts officials are decrying the Trump administration's rollback of federal public school bathroom protections for transgender students.
Gov. Charlie Baker said Thursday he was disappointed with the decision, adding in Massachusetts "kids are going to be protected and kids …
Trans Potty Outrage
So, the Massachusetts power bunch is in a bunge over the Trump Administration's reversal of an Obama-era edict that forced schools to allow boys into girls locker rooms, bathrooms and gym showers.
Obama last year issued an executive order that allowed students to use the privies of their choice as lo…
Transgender Lawsuit
BOSTON (AP) - A conservative Christian organization has filed a federal lawsuit challenging a Massachusetts law that prohibits discrimination against transgender people in public restrooms.
Alliance Defending Freedom sued Tuesday on behalf of four Massachusetts churches to protect their right to oper…
Crazy Times!
Sometimes things just get so outrageous you have to stop and think,  am I dreaming this?  You just can't make this stuff up!
Let's take the state's "opioid crisis" for example. With multiple overdoses occurring on an almost  daily basis here in the regi…

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