Tom Hodgson

Hodgson Photo Goes Viral
NEW BEDFORD - A photograph showing Sheriff Thomas Hodgson at the 103rd Feast of the Blessed Sacrament in New Bedford on Sunday has gone viral. The photograph shows Hodgson in a Bristol County Sheriff's Office polo shirt, holding a 7oz cup of Madeira wine, and openly carrying a firearm...
Inmate Suicide Rates
DARTMOUTH - Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is defending his staff after a recent report showed that suicides among inmates in his department were more than double that of houses of correction in other Massachusetts counties. The report from WGBH says that since 2006, Bristol County has had 50% more suicides in their jails than Suffolk County, and more than twice as many as Essex and Worcest
Cabral Won't Debate
New Bedford State Representative Antonio Cabral has rejected a challenge by Sheriff Tom Hodgson to debate Hodgson on several immigration related issues. Hodgson challenged Cabral to debate on my radio program after Cabral filed legislation to thwart the sheriff on two fronts...
Wall Of Opposition
A number of community organizations plan to picket New Bedford's Ash Street Jail on Thursday afternoon to show displeasure with some of the proposals being put forth by Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson. Among those proposals is an offer to use inmate labor to build a potential border wall between the U...
287G Program
DARTMOUTH - The Bristol and Plymouth County Sheriff's Departments are going to be entering into a larger partnership with Immigration and Customs Enforcement under the 287G program. The program gives the departments access to ICE's database, and authorizes them to question foreign-born detainees and hold them for ICE officials if they're flagged in a background check...
Hodgson Won’t Oppose Warren in 2018
Elizabeth Warren announced on Friday that she will seek re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2018, but you can count Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson out of the running for someone who might oppose the Democrat. Appearing with WBSM's Chris McCarthy, a caller brought up the idea of Hodgson running for the Senate against Warren, echoing a a sentiment expressed by WBSM afternoon host Howie Carr... Rea
Sheriff Urges Vigilance
State officials say that security has been stepped up following incidents of terrorism in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota this past weekend.
Hodgson On DaSilva
Walter DaSilva, the man accused of murdering his 19-year-old daughter Sabrina DaSilva, was deported in 2002 for attempting kill Sabrina's mother.

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