Dartmouth Middle School Helping Boston Bruins Collect PJs
The Boston Bruins 10th Annual PJ Drive is well underway. And you can easily donate at the Dartmouth Middle School. From now until March 15th, they are accepting NEW pajamas for babies, kids and teens. Just send your donation in with your middle schooler if you have one, or drop it off in the main of…
Substance Abuse Display
Shoppers at the Dartmouth Mall on Saturday will have an opportunity to learn more about how signs of drug and alcohol use can be hidden by teenagers.
Two Young Teens Arrested
Two 14-year-old juveniles have been arrested after an attempted robbery and attack on a New Bedford store clerk.
Police say two officers on patrol around 8:40 Wednesday night heard glass shatter and saw two masked males running from the scene in the area of Rivet and Hyacinth streets in the South End…
Ice Cream Vandalism
The owner of a Cape Cod ice cream parlor has been charged for allegedly having his teenage employees vandalize a competitor in exchange for alcohol.
E-cigarette Use
The CDC in Atlanta says more than a quarter-million teens who never smoked before used e-cigarettes last year. That's a three-fold increase from 79,000 in 2011 to 263,000 in 2013.
Doctors Encouraging Teens To Get Vaccines
Most of the vaccinations we receive in life come when we are kids. And most of the time our parents are the ones taking us to get them. But as you get older and enter your teen years, there are still some preventative measures that need to be taken.

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