Community Survey Results
The New Bedford School Department conducted its second annual Community Survey and saw over a 300% increase in participation from staff, families, and community members compared to last year's.
Put The Phone Away
It's almost impossible to go anywhere today and not see somebody on their smartphone, but one study found there's one place where they aren't very welcome.
N.B. Schools Survey
The New Bedford Public Schools released a survey this week seeking feedback from the community regarding the state of the city's schools.
School Survey
New Bedford Public Schools wants to hear from students, staff, parents, and other community members.
New Bedford Survey
New Bedford's Office of Housing and Community Development is seeking input regarding the city's 5-year-plan on how federal funds should be spent for housing and community development.
Community Development Coordinator Joseph Maia says the funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development can…
Library Survey
The public is being asked to weigh in on replacement plans for the North Dartmouth Library.
Dartmouth Public Libraries has released a survey which will be used to write Library Building Program.
Director of Libraries Lynne Antunes says the first Library Building Program, written in 2001, found the exi…

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