Richard Snow Was Not A Wild Animal [Video]
Richard Snow spent several years living outside the downtown Post Office and area bank walk ways, before finally passing away Sunday October 23, outside the New Bedford Bus Terminal. For life or death Mr. Snow chose to live on the streets. He was conversant and never aggressive, at least in front of…
Good Reason To Raise The Voting Age to 21
I am not a proponent of raising the voting back to 21, but this young woman can be the poster child for it.
Guess her mama didn't slap that left hand hard enough. Imagine sucking your thumb, on a bus, where other kids and adults can visibly watch...
What Should We Do With $4 M? [Poll]
The New Bedford Schools transportation budget is branded at more than $10 million dollars for the coming school year. Brian's empowering formula slashes that budget leaving lots of dough for other programs.
Ready, Set, Roll one
There I was, minding my business, being observant, when I eyed a passenger twisting one on the bus. Talk about bold and blazen.
While I fight for the legalization of marijuana, there's a time and place. In my mind, a municipal bus is not the place to prepare this form of recreational activi…
WBSM Listeners React To John George, Jr. Conviction
John George, Jr.'s conviction on federal charges is being met with mixed reaction from area residents.
Some callers to WBSM's Taylor Cormier Show expressed disbelief in George's guilt, saying he is a well-liked Dartmouth notable. "I find it so hard to believe, but on the other…
Detour Removed From SRTA Route
The Southeastern Regional Transit Authority has announced that Route 8, Mount Pleasant Street in New Bedford, will no longer have detours and will be resuming its normal route.

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