OPINION | Phil Paleologos: Me? An Alcoholic?
My name is Phil, and I'm a recovering alcoholic.
Going to treatment and Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings wasn't exactly on my "To Do" list. I didn't get to my first meeting because I had a few rough weekends. I had 17 years of bad weekends, and for me, the turning …
SJC Ruling
The highest court in Massachusetts has ruled that field sobriety tests cannot be used as conclusive evidence that a motorist was operating under the influence of marijuana.
Sobriety Checkpoint in Bristol County Friday Night
Colonel Richard D. McKeon, Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police, announced that a Sobriety Checkpoint will be implemented by the Massachusetts State Police on a public way in Bristol County this Friday night into early Saturday morning...
Sobriety Checkpoint
The Massachusetts State police will be implementing a sobriety checkpoint in Bristol County this weekend.
Colonel Timothy Alben, Superintendent of the State Police, says the checkpoint will be implemented on a  public way during varied hours...