Fake Stanley Cup Tickets
PITTSBURGH (AP) — Pittsburgh police say two Massachusetts men printed up bogus Stanley Cup Final tickets and tried to sell them outside the Penguins arena.
Police say Quincy resident John Green and Wareham resident Ronald Seeley were spotted Wednesday outside Consol Energy Center, where the Pen…
Sharks and Rays Hit The Road
The rays and sharks are on the road, but it's not a ball game.
The New Bedford Ocean Explorium packed up cow-nose rays, Atlantic stingrays, and white spotted bamboo sharks to be transported to Mysitc Aquarium in Connecticut. The sea creatures will be incorporated into already existing exhibits a…
Shark Fliers Spark Concern
A new brochure being distributed on Cape Cod warning people about the possibility of sharks has some people wondering if it goes too far and might hurt tourism.
The brochures were distributed by consortium of harbormasters and other officials...
Ocearch To Set Sail
With August approaching, shark sighting off of Cape Cod are expected to increase. The research vessel Ocearch is docked in New Bedford preparing to embark on it's 17th expedition studying sharks.