Too Old To Drive?
The time to have "the talk" about giving up the driver's license is not when your parents are a danger. And, when the time does come there needs to be an agreed to plan.
An 84 year old woman recently crashed her car through the front window of…
Barry Richard – Retiring Outside Of The U.S.? Many Have
Many people who near retirement age begin to think about how they might like to live out their "golden years," and where. Ever think about retiring to another country? A lot of folks have.
According to the Social Security Administration 17 percent of those who retired between 2010 a…
Fund Adult Day Care In Massachusetts
Last week the Massachusetts House rejected a budget amendment that would have denied state aid to sanctuary cities. The House also refused to consider an amendment to increase funding for adult day care services.
Sanctuary cities provide safe haven to lawbreakers by prohibiting local law enforcement …
New Bedford Voc-Tech Seniors Move On
As New Bedford Regional Voc-Tech seniors made sure which side of the cap their gold tassels were on, family and friends eagerly waited for the 38th graduation ceremony to begin on Wednesday afternoon.
Proud parents watched on as students accepted their diplomas...
High School Seniors Surprise Principal [VIDEO]
The senior class at Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire has set the bar really high for exceptional character. They saved their entire high school career for a class trip New York, but they unanimously decided to cancel it and instead donated every penny to their principal,…
4K for Cancer Ride
Two UMass Dartmouth seniors have raised over $9,000 for cancer research and hope to add to that number as they ride across the country this summer.
Friend Promposes to Friend
Of all the "Promposal" stories we've heard, how many are as special as this?
Anthony Martinez is on the student council at his Las Vegas high school. As a result, he's often in charge of planning school events, and ultimately senior prom...

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