Harvard Retiring Seal
CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (AP) _ Harvard University is retiring the official shield of its law school following complaints over its ties to an 18th-century slaveholder.
The university's governing body announced the decision Monday, supporting a campus committee's previous recommendation to r…
Drop The Seal
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) _ A committee made up of faculty, students, alumni, and staff has recommended that Harvard Law School ditch its seal because of its ties to an 18th century slaveholder.
The committee announced Friday that it recommended to the university's governing body that the seal be dr…
Gray Seal Pupping Season
North Atlantic gray seals can often be seen on Massachusetts shorelines, but will likely be spotted more frequently over the next few months.
NOAA says it's gray seal pupping season, and mother seals and their pups will be spotted on beaches, sometimes for days at a time...
Cape Beach Closure
Officials say two Cape Cod beaches closed after visitors spotted a great white shark biting a seal and spitting it back out onto the beach.
Sandy the Seal Passes Away
The Buttonwood Park Zoo has lost a member of it's animal family. Sandy the seal was put down after suffering from liver disease for several months.
Zoo staff members had been providing treatments to the male Atlantic harbor seal to try and improve his health and assist in pain relief for the ani…

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