Humbug Pastor Ruins Christmas
Maybe we should call him "Reverend Grinch."
Evangelical "street pastor" David Grisham recently took it upon himself to show up at a Texas mall and tell a group of children waiting in line to see Santa Claus the "truth" about the Jolly Old Elf, and…
Santa Seen 'Urinating' on 'ISIS' with Christmas Lights
I'm sure you can remember the homes around your neighborhood going all out with lights and decorations. I recall Maywood Street being one of the most decorated in New Bedford. That was then. This is now.
Decorating the outside of your home for Christmas isn't usually used to send a political message,…
Local Elves Help Santa Reply to Letters
With Christmas around the corner, the U.S. Postal Service gets thousands of letters from small ones asking Santa to bring special presents. Who is in charge of these letters to Santa? Around the South Coast, I couldn't find a definitive answer if the local post offices have a group of postal el…

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