Sanford Road

No Jail for Animal Cruelty
The second person in the Westport animal "house of horrors" case was in court today, and the judge's decision means that no jail time will be served for either person charged after several dead and abandoned animals were found in their home in 2015.
Police Arrest Break-In Suspect
A Somerset man was arrested early Thursday in Westport and charged with breaking into a liquor store.
Westport Police responded to an alarm at Country Liquors on Sanford Road around 2:45am, along with Dartmouth Police, and a canine unit from Fall River...
House of Animal Horrors
Two people have been arrested in connection to a "house of animal horrors" in Westport.
Westport Police Sgt. Antonio Cestodio says the one of the owners of the home at 644 Sanford Road contacted the Town's Animal Control Officer on September 25 in order to have several cats rem…