Where Does New Bedford's Snow Go?
So where does all of this snow go?
In New Bedford, the Whale's Tooth Parking Lot along Acushnet Avenue serves as the dumping ground for the snow that piles up on city streets.
Department of Public Infrastructure Commissioner Ron Labelle tells WBSM News though we've had a lot of snowfall, the…
The Mystery Of The New Bedford Snow Couch
I don't even know where to begin.
I first noticed this couch sitting atop a ten-foot snow mound several days ago. The couch is situated in front of the Martin P. Wein Inc., Accounting and Tax Services business on Acushnet Avenue directly across from Brooklawn Park...
'Paul Revere Sign' Too Unsafe To Remove
The "Paul Revere sign" visible from Interstate 195 in New Bedford continues to decay.
It was announced over a year ago the sign would be taken down and moved into storage until funding was available to restore it.
Speaking on his weekly radio program, Mayor Jon Mitchell says removing…
Rain on Snow Could Collapse Roofs
With the latest round of dry, fluffy snow that has piled on our roofs, experts are warning us that the snow can become just like a sponge, absorbing a lot of weight when it rains, that could collapse roofs. Flat commercial roofs are most susceptible when rain on top of snow adds so much more stress …