purse snatching

New Bedford Purse Snatching
A woman had her purse stolen as she walking Thursday night in New Bedford.
Detective Captain Steven Vicente says the 46-year-old woman was walking David St. and West Rodney French Blvd. when a man came up behind her, grabbed her purse, then fled...
Sunday Purse Snatching Investigated
New Bedford Police are investigating a weekend purse snatching.
Det. Capt. Steve Vicente tells WBSM News, the incident happened Sunday afternoon near the intersection of Nauset and Mt. Pleasant.
A 76 year old woman was walking nearby when a man came up behind her and grabbed her purse and ran off...
New Bedford Man Robs Woman at ATM
New Bedford Police arrest a South End man in connection with a purse snatching at an ATM at County & Rivet Sts. last night.
The suspect is identified as Carlos Gomes Roderigues of Cottage Street. Police say he came up from behind a 24-year-old woman at the ATM and stole her purse containing m…