Windows 10 Reports Kids Activity
The new Windows 10 operating system has a new feature that emails parents a weekly report on their children's online activity, by default. Business Insider reports that a lot of parents aren't happy about this. The main complaint is Microsoft should not turn this on by default, but rather, notify pe…
Newtown Parents Ask To Be Left Alone
The plea was simple and heart wrenching. "Please respect our need to be alone and to be quiet and to have that personal time to continue on our journey of grief in a way that serves us." The words of the town's mayor, Pat Llodra. In an unprecedented decision, CNN is among the …
Facebook Can No Longer Block Profiles in Searches
Facebook users can no longer block their profiles from searches on the social network.  Facebook's chief privacy officer notified users yesterday that the company has removed a privacy setting that controlled who can look up someone's Timeline by searching their name.