Being Pregnant With Heart Disease Advice
If you are thinking about getting pregnant and have a heart condition, you should work closely with your doctor to get a better idea of the risks to allow them to monitor your medications and your body as your baby grows, according to the Cleveland Clinic...
Lawsuit Against Birth Control Maker
In every package of birth control pills, there is a paper with a statement about how the pill is NOT 100% effective in preventing pregnancies. If taken the same time every single day, it’s 99.9% effective. It is true that some women have gotten pregnant while on the pill, but it’s usually because th…
PEP Talks
"Merck for Mothers" is encouraging families to have PEP Talks to help prevent pregnancy complications.
Salty, Sweet, or Straight-up Bizarre?
A photo posted by kristen bell (@imkristenbell) on Oct 10, 2014 at 12:57pm PDT
Kristen Bell is loving her second pregnancy. She is feeling great with prenatal yoga and chasing her toddler around. So she's giving in to her cravings since pregnancy is kinda of a legitimate excuse for getting …