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More on Marijuana Law
The situation remains complicated by the continuing federal prohibition on marijuana and state-by-state patchwork of medical and recreational laws, experts say.
More Pot Stores Coming
BOSTON -- While hundreds braved the cold rain and snow Tuesday for the chance to legally buy marijuana, the Cannabis Control Commission was back to work processing more than a dozen additional cannabis business applications as it continues to ramp up the industry...
Local Pot Shops Months Away
Two recreational pot shops are scheduled to open Tuesday in Northampton and Leicester, Massachusetts, but don't look for pot shops to open in New Bedford any time soon.
Speaking to WBSM's Brian Thomas, City Councilor Ian Abreu says the Council approved a zoning ordinance in late September, …
Pot Tax Raised
STATE HOUSE, BOSTON — Almost three weeks later than they had hoped, lawmakers on Monday struck an accord on marijuana policy that would tax retail pot sales at a maximum rate of 20 percent and paves the way for those sales to begin in just under a year...