Plane Descending into Providence Hit by Lightning [PHIL-OSOPHY]
Plane Descending into Providence Hit by Lightning [PHIL-OSOPHY]
A Southwest Airlines jet was hit by lightning as it started its descent into Providence from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Friday. It landed safely, thank goodness, but passengers got something to talk about. Celeste and I are flying to Florida for our annual New Bedford Day broadcast, and any time we fly in storm clouds, we pull the shade over the window because it's a bit unnerving and disorienting
Plane Crash Victims ID'd
PLAINVILLE, Mass. (AP) _ Police have tentatively identified the three people killed when their small plane crashed into a Massachusetts home as a Tennessee doctor, his wife and college-age daughter. Plainville police say they believe the pilot of the Beechcraft BE36 plane that crashed Sunday was Joseph Richard Kalister, an emergency room physician, his wife, Betty, and daughter, Nicole, who was 18

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