Pia Durkin

swashbuckling John Oliveira
Election 2016, Donald Trump sounds the trumpet blaring "drain the swamp." Election 2017, a sawshbuckling John Oliveira crashes onto the scene like a bull in the school department china shop to resuscitate New Bedford government schools.
No Trespass Order
Newly elected New Bedford School Committee member John Oliveira has been served with a no trespass order, and cannot step onto school property.
Level 4 school tops
There I am listening to an interview Phil Paleologos is conducting with the Superintendent of New Bedford government schools, when the Super delivers a shocking revelation. Dr. Pia Durkin fired a shot over the I-195 bow when she proclaimed New Bedford High School the best in the region...
Durkin Responds
NEW BEDFORD - After three teachers at Keith Middle School resigned in public fashion at Monday night's New Bedford School Committee meeting, Dr. Pia Durkin is responding. The teachers expressed their displeasure with what they claim is the administration's lack of response to chronic …
Four New Bedford Schools Get Major Upgrades
NEW BEDFORD — City and school officials joined students at Hayden McFadden Elementary School to announce the completion of new school window and door replacement projects at four large elementary schools.
The Accelerated Repair Plan (ARP) was completed at Hayden McFadden, Alfred J...
NB School Budget
New Bedford school officials revealed a preliminary $145,420,517 budget for FY18 on Monday night.
That number includes $10-million in enhancement requests, which are considered important to moving the district toward their performance goals...

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