Harrison Ford's Crash
Federal safety investigators have concluded that a problem with a carburetor part led to engine failure and the crash of a vintage airplane piloted by actor Harrison Ford in California.
The National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday that the part known as a main metering jet likely came loose…
Plane Crash Report
Federal investigators say the engine of a small plane that crashed into a Plainville home last month killing all three people on board had a breach in the crankcase, two puncture holes near a cylinder and a fractured oil sump.
Train Was Accelerating
(Associated Press) - The Amtrak train that derailed in Philadelphia accelerated rapidly in the final full minute before it headed into a sharp curve and crashed.
That's according to the lead investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board...
Black Boxes Not Found
Accident investigators are still looking for the black box recorders from last week's jet crash outside Boston.
A spokesman for the NTSB says there's a wide debris field about two-thousand feet from the Hanscom Airfield runway where the Gulfstream jet attempted to take off on Saturday night…
Chopper Crash Investigated
An investigation is underway in Seattle into a news helicopter crash that killed two people near the Space Needle. 
Kyle Moore with the Seattle Fire Department says the two bodies found inside the helicopter are still at the crash scene. 
Speed Factor In New York Train Derailment
The National Transportation Safety Board says a train that derailed in New York City was traveling 82 mph as it approached a 30 mph zone.
    The Metro-North Railroad commuter train jumped the tracks Sunday morning along a sharp curve where the speed limit drops from 70 mph to 30…