mosquito control

Mosquito Spraying
New Bedford continues efforts to keep the mosquito population at a bare minimum.
Once again, the Bristol County Mosquito Control Project will conduct another round of ground spraying around New Bedford’s parks. The spraying will take place Thursday morning between 2am and sunrise at area parks includ…
Mosquito Spraying
New Bedford parks will once again be the subject of targeted ground spraying conducted by the Bristol County Mosquito Control Project.
Spraying for mosquitoes will begin early Thursday morning, from 2am to sunrise, around the City's parks, including Buttonwood, Brooklawn, Fort Taber, Hazelwood, …
NB Mosquito Spraying
City of New Bedford - The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) has notified local boards of health of the finding of EEE in a primarily bird-biting mosquito sample obtained from northwest quadrant of New Bedford. The sample was obtained on 9/1/14...
Keep Mosquitoes at Bay
With the wet weather we have been having the mosquito population is going to be booming.  We learned that they will be spraying the Southcoast for the little pests, but what can you do to protect your family?