Perry Needs To Speak Up
Officer Charlie Perry has yet to provide any evidence to substantiate his claims of racism and sexual harassment by Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro
Complaint of Racism
The state has dismissed a complaint filed by New Bedford police officer and mayoral candidate Charlie Perry alleging racist practices by Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro.
Discrimination Complaint
The attorney for ousted Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech administrator Jimmy Owens is planning to take action against the North End school.
Attorney Christopher Lowrie tells WBSM News, his office is preparing a strong and detailed complaint agianst the school to be filed Thursday with the New Bedford off…
Tynes Leaves MCAD
Julian Tynes is out as Chairman of the Mass. Commission Against Discrimination. 
Tynes had recently made appearances in New Bedford, hearing an appeal in December on a ruling he made in a case involving a memorial to four black Revolutionary War soldiers from Plymouth...