OPINION|Barry Richard: Space Force Makes Perfect Sense
If your first reaction to the proposal for a "Space Force" is to chuckle, you are being shortsighted and perhaps even misinformed.
President Trump has conjured up images of Wookies and Star Wars Stormtroopers by instructing the Department of Defense and the Pentagon to begin studyin…
More Than 200,000 People Want to Settle on Mars
More than 200,000 people around the world are willing to give up life on Earth to become reality TV stars on Mars.
Organizers of the Dutch "Mars One" project have been receiving video applications from people who want to be one of the four who will be the first settlers of Mars in 2…
Do You Support a Manned Flight to Mars? — Survey of the Day
Mars is in the news these days thanks to the Curiosity rover which recently landed on the red planet. The goal of the six-wheeled robot is to find signs of life on Mars, and NASA also hopes that its 23 month mission will increase public awareness of the space program.
But will it rekindle interest in…