lost dog

Dog Found in New Bedford
This dog was found near St. Luke's in New Bedford. She looks to be a chihuahua / pomeranian mix, and a bit on the older side. You can call Ann at (508) 962 - 6295 or (508) 991 - 6353.
Oscar Finally Found
A few days ago, one of our station employees came into the main studio with an urgent message. An older gentleman dropped by our lobby saying his best friend ever, a pug named Oscar, had run off during the parade of the Madeira Feast. He pleaded that we put the word out on the airwaves in the hopes …
Budweiser Does It Again
The 2015 Super Bowl commercial for Budweiser has some big shoes to fill. With late greats like "Puppy Love," "Friends Are Waiting," and "Clydesdales Brotherhood," expectations are high for the #BestBuds campaign to thrive! But Budweiser pulls off…