Eversource Replacing Gas Mains
During this construction season, Eversource is planning improvements to its natural gas lines throughout the state. The energy company has invested $53 million to replace about 35 miles of decades old gas lines made of cast iron and steel...
NStar Prepared
In high-powered storms such as this one, power outages are almost inevitable. Strong wind gusts and heavy snow can bring down trees and tree limbs, taking out power lines.
NStar spokesman Mike Durand says restoration efforts could take several days...
Replacing Gas Lines
Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Edward Markey is warning that the deadly gas explosion that destroyed two buildings in New York and killed eight people shows the need to fix the aging infrastructure that delivers fuel in cities across the country...
New Disney Policy
Disney has been in the news lately, not for reasons they want.  It was recently discovered that people were abusing the front of line policy for disabled guests.