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Lennon's Guitar To Be Auctioned
An acoustic guitar used by John Lennon to compose some of The Beatles' biggest hits is hitting the auction block.
Julien's Auctions believes the 1962 Gibson guitar will fetch up to 800-thousand dollars when it goes up for auction in November...
Lennon's killer Denied Parole
A parole board has again declined to release John Lennon's killer.
It's the eighth time 59-year-old Mark David Chapman has been denied parole. New York corrections officials announced the decision Friday.
They say a three-member board denied Chapman's parole after a hearing Wednesday...
Was John Lennon a Bad Boy in High School?
John Lennon apparently wasn't an advocate of peace and love in high school.
A pair of the late Beatle's detention sheets show him being punished for "fighting in class," "shoving," and being a general nuisance.
The sheets from Quarry Bank High School for B…
Could John Lennon’s Tooth Be Used to Clone the Beatle?
The Canadian dentist who purchased one of John Lennon's molars has revealed what he plans to do with the tooth. Michael Zuk says he's attempting to sequence the late Beatle's DNA to be used to create a clone in the future.
Zuk made headlines in 2011 when he bought Lennon's rotten …