horseneck beach

Sandcastle Fun Coming to the SouthCoast
Calling all wanna-be architects, builders and anyone who appreciates a great day on the beach...the SouthCoast has TWO exciting sandcastle days coming up.
On Saturday, July 23, there will be a Family Sand Sculpture Festival at Horseneck Beach in Westport...
Horseneck Paring Could Be Solved
Count the times you've been stuck in an endless line of traffic waiting to park at Horseneck Beach. The crowds are getting larger and the parking spaces seem to be dwindling. So in response to the growing problem, Westport Town officials are thinking about having a satellite parking l…
Man O' Wars
Swimmers at Horseneck Beach in Westport report being stung by Portugese Man-o-Wars. A dozen people Thursday were hit by the long tentacles of the venomous organisms.