Inmates Sue Hodgson
A lawsuit filed against officials at a Massachusetts county jail alleges that mentally ill inmates are often held in solitary confinement with little treatment.
Hodgson Photo Goes Viral
NEW BEDFORD - A photograph showing Sheriff Thomas Hodgson at the 103rd Feast of the Blessed Sacrament in New Bedford on Sunday has gone viral. The photograph shows Hodgson in a Bristol County Sheriff's Office polo shirt, holding a 7oz cup of Madeira wine, and openly carrying a firearm...
Sheriff Meets With Trump
WASHINGTON, D.C. - One of law enforcement's loudest voices on the issue of illegal immigration sat in with President Donald Trump to meet with families that have been affected by criminal illegal immigrants. Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson described Wednesday's meeting at the White House as "emotional" and "powerful" as families of murder victims at the hands of illegal a
Daily Fee Could Return
BOSTON - A practice that has been dormant in the Bristol County House of Correction for over a decade could return under a bill under review by the legislature's Joint Committee on the Judiciary. The bill, an Act Authorizing Sheriffs to Impose Fees, would allow correctional facilities in the state to charge inmates a daily fee for as long as they're imprisoned to offset incarceration costs... Read
Inmate Suicide Rates
DARTMOUTH - Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is defending his staff after a recent report showed that suicides among inmates in his department were more than double that of houses of correction in other Massachusetts counties. The report from WGBH says that since 2006, Bristol County has had 50% more suicides in their jails than Suffolk County, and more than twice as many as Essex and Worcest
Hodgson on Hernandez Suicide
DARTMOUTH - With an acquittal in a double murder trial just last week, and an appeal on a murder conviction likely on the way, many are wondering why Aaron Hernandez would kill himself now. Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson got to know Hernandez a little during the former New England Patriot's incarceration at the Bristol County House of Corrections in 2013...

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