War on Drugs Continues [Video]
After several decades of local, state and the federal government waging and failing at winning the war of drugs, now there are elected officials, nationwide, calling for places where druggies can use heroin in a safe environment. How safe? These government sanctioned buildings will have a doctor or …
New Bedford Mayor: Carlos Seafood Likely to Re-Open Soon
New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell says Carlos Seafood will likely be up and running again within a few days, despite the arrest of Carlos Rafael and his bookkeeper last week.
Mitchell, a former federal prosecutor, says the business will probably re-open after records that were seized during Friday'…
Kerry: Iraq Approves Inclusive Government
Secretary of State John Kerry says Iraq has approved what he calls a new, inclusive government.
Political infighting in Iraq has been partly blamed for creating the conditions that allowed the terror group ISIS to seize huge areas of that country...
Another Phone Scam Fooling Residents
New Bedford Police are warning residents of yet another apparent phone scam.
The latest scheme seems to target elderly women, telling them over the phone they owe large sums of money to the federal government. The calls come from area code 202, which is based out of Washington, D...
Govt. Shutdown
Hundreds of thousands of federal employees will report to work this morning. Most will be sent home and no one knows when they'll be back on the job.
Where's The Senate?
House Speaker John Boehner says the nation is facing a budget emergency and the Senate, like the House, should be in session to help avert a government shutdown.

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