Pedal to the Metal
I recently took a trip to Acton, Massachusetts, which is over an hour away from New Bedford.
When I started to leave Acton, I looked at my fuel gauge. I was approaching 1/8 of a tank left. Instead of filling up, I decided to make the lonesome drive home much more interesting...
Jokes for National Nude Day
#NationalNudeDay isn't just for nudists anymore. If you would like to celebrate without getting in your birthday suit, just tell a joke or two. Be the funny guy at the office for a day!
Growing Pats Video
Julian Edelman is talented. Not only is he a force on the football field, but the Patriot's Wide Receiver is "Krafty" with video editing. Love how he included some of their childhood pictures.
One Of The Funniest Commercials {VIDEO}
I'm not a Luddite, one who opposes technological change, but I do admit to being a dinosaur and tortoise mix when it comes to catching up with the the different modes of  social media! Truth be told, while the younger ones around the radio station are carrying on a conversation, while simu…
Watch Hillarious Video About Panhandling in NYC
We all need a break from the stress of daily life. If you want a few minutes of pure enjoyment and laughs, then you'll want to check out this video of a panhandler on the New York City subway. It's not your typical type of pan handling, and really sheds some light on how we all could use a…

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